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Jordan Paris (Ep.79) – Host/Creator, Growth Mindset University

November 11, 2019

Episode 79 welcomes Author and Creator/Host of Growth Mindset University, Jordan Paris. It was fun to connect with Jordan and learn more about his journey around creating the Growth Mindset University and ultimately designing the life that he wants.

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Growth Mindset University Podcast:



Growth Mindset University Book –

The Podcast Playbook: Launching January 2020

About Jordan:

Jordan Paris is a 21-year-old author, podcast host, and former college athlete seen in Men’s Health, Yahoo Finance, and NASDAQ.

Jordan’s podcast, Growth Mindset University, was ranked #3 in Apple’s Training category and is consistently in the top ten. In Education, one of Apple’s most competitive categories, the show was ranked #15. On the show, he interviews young up-and-comers and the most successful people on planet earth like James Altucher, Kevin Rudolf, Mark Manson, Rachel Starr, and Dan Lok.

Jordan is also the founder of The WordPress Rocketeer, where he focuses on developing engaging websites to launch his clients’ dreams to infinity and beyond.

His approach to life and business is simple yet powerful: Don’t make a living, design a life. With this creator’s mentality, Jordan has been able to produce outstanding results for himself and challenge others to rise above circumstances and take control of their lives.


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Nathan Hirsch (Ep.78) – Founder,

November 4, 2019

Episode 78 features the Founder of, Nathan Hirsch. Nathan has a neat story of seeing a gap in the textbook re-selling market and growing an Amazon business and then deciding to use a problem he saw with hiring freelances for that business to create a freelancer marketplace called

As a special gift to the listeners, Go to and create an account and mention the Just Get Started Podcast. That will get you a $25 credit to try them out!

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About Nathan:

My name is Nathan Hirsch and I am the Founder and CEO of FreeeUp, a marketplace connecting business owners with the top 1% of virtual assistants, freelancers and agencies in eCommerce, digital marketing, web development, and much more.

Interested in being a client or partner? Lets talk!

Join my Facebook group Outsourcing Masters:

Want to learn more about me? Checkout my article in Thrive:

In 2006, I founded my first online venture out of my college dorm room, selling and buying student textbooks. I rapidly scaled my e-commerce business, bootstrapping from a $20 student – cause initiative to a multi-million dollar e-tailer clocking in revenues in excess of $25 million on Amazon across a 6 year period while serving over 10,000 customers. But I always had one problem. It took me way too long to find talent.

I built FreeeUp to address the frustrations I had. FreeeUp receives hundreds of freelancer applicants each week to join the marketplace. We interview and vet them, take the top 1% (based on skill, attitude and communication), and make them available to our clients quickly whenever they need them. On the backend, we have 24/7 support to make sure people have a good experience. Lastly, we have a no turnover guarantee covering replacement costs if the freelancer ever quits. We work with thousands of business all over the world.

Honesty, integrity, ethics and superlative customer experience have always been the four professional cornerstones of my success.


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Courtney Swan (Ep.77) – Founder, Realfoodology

October 28, 2019

Episode 77 features the creator of, Courtney Swan. Had an awesome time talking to Courtney about all things nutrition and peeling the layers back on several “hot button” food topics.

Some items we discuss:

  • Growing up in a healthy household
  • Why some fats are good for you
  • Factory Farming
  • Instagram and growing a following
  • Gut Health
  • and much more

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About Courtney:

Food activists come from all walks of life, but there is generally one common theme among all of us: frustration with the current food system. Courtney is an integrative nutritionist (MS) and “real foodist” on a mission to make eating easier and normalize mental health & taboos. She received her masters of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health. On a mission to help people, Courtney has built quite the following on social media. She posts daily about the real food and organic movement on her Instagram account Realfoodology. She aims to educate on the dirty practices of the food industry, normalize stigmas and shows how to eat healthy, with real food! She doesn’t believe in diets and promotes a real food approach to eating. Courtney spent the last 4 years touring full time with international pop star Tove Lo, but now resides in LA full time where she is spreading her message, for the health of it!


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Scott Young (Ep.76) – Author, ULTRALEARNING

October 21, 2019

Had a fun time talking with Scott Young on Episode 76 of the Just Get Started Podcast about his journey to starting a blog and writing his book, ULTRALEARNING, along with some great insight to better help people learn more effectively.

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WDS Keynote Video:

About Scott Young

I started writing this blog just before my 18th birthday, so in many ways, it has mirrored my own life as an adult. The blog started when I was very interested in behavior change, and you can see many articles about this obsession. Later I left for university and began considering socializing and productivity as topics to explore. Learning became an important topic, and eventually created the foundation for a full-time business I could run, selling courses to learners about the methods I’d uncovered. Finally, as I left school, the idea of continued self-mastery and career development interested me.Beyond writing, entrepreneurship and life philosophy, my interests include programming, travel, cooking and teaching myself anything I can.


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Universal Dialect (Ep.75) – Co-Founders, Sean Casey & Nick Costelloe

October 14, 2019

Episode 75 is live and it features two of my new friends, Sean Casey and Nick Costelloe, Co-Founders of Universal Dialect. Sometimes you meet people that are just genuinely nice human beings and are always looking out for others in their actions. These guys are exactly that. They’re two of the good guys and so thankful for them being on the podcast and their hospitality during my visit up to the NYC/Hoboken area.

Topics we cover:

  • Mission of Universal Dialect
  • How the idea originated
  • How Nick and Sean met at college
  • Their travels
  • Quitting a job to pursue this passion
  • Splitting daily duties
  • Focusing and Managing time
  • …and much more

Find Sean & Nick Online:

Universal Dialect Website:

Universal Dialect Instagram:


Sean Casey:

Nick Costelloe:

What We Do:

We love soccer. In fact, it’s our single greatest passion. While we’d love to play all day, every day, the game only lasts 90 minutes.

We make activewear that you’ll love to wear while you’re taking on the rest of life’s daily adventures.

Grab Life in all that you do, and pay it forward by helping kids play The Beautiful Game through our social mission.

Our “Why?”

Through our travels, we realized that the world has a unique problem – we consistently came across communities where people loved playing soccer, but they lacked the only necessary item to play: a soccer ball.

We started Universal Dialect as a way to help get soccer balls to less-fortunate footballers around the world. We eventually created a sustainable model to fund the giving through high performance activewear.


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Dozen Months of Discovery – One Mic with Brian Ondrako

October 10, 2019

This One Mic Session is a Reboot of an idea I tried 2 years ago…but just like life, sometimes excuses clutter your vision and momentum to accomplish things. So, it’s back to stay! The Dozen Months of Discovery.

Part of the premise of the Just Get Started Podcast is to get out of your comfort zone and try to accomplish things far greater than you ever imagined. Whether it is changing your eating habits, a better fitness routine, starting a business, etc. At the micro level, everything you do has to be “started” at some point but are we truly pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones as much as possible and learning new skills or knowledge that can become valuable. Or, maybe it doesn’t become something valuable but you can say you tried it because it was interesting at the time. That’s okay, too.

That, my friends, is the whole premise of the Dozen Months of Discovery.

12 months to have 12 new adventures. This could be anything from committing to a workout plan one month to learning how to play the piano another, learning a language, or detoxing from Social Media. Whatever it is you have to invest time into it and you have to practice but more than that is your mindset and focus on accomplishing the challenge must be present everyday. We (and I certainly mean me) say over and over “I wish I could do….” Or “I wish I tried….”. As the old saying goes, “You can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which gets filled up first”. 

Stop wishing. Why not go out and do it? I know your answer. I don’t have time. It may actually take less than you think. Malcolm Gladwell famously wrote that you need about 10,000 hours to master a skill. But I’m not asking you to master a skill, I’m asking you to try and learn a new skill and become good at it. So, how long would that take?

Well, someone already did that research for me and his name is Josh Kaufman. Now, Josh did a phenomenal Ted talk about this topic and, in short, concluded that to learn and be good at a new skill it would take about 20 hours. I highly recommend you watch the entire Ted Talk here – How to Learn Anything in 20 Hours – as it provides a lot more context.

Also, Podcast Guest (Episode 76) Scott Young and his book “Ultralearning” is a fantastic guidebook of some useful techniques and stories to speed up your learning and actually make it sticky.

So, the question I posed to myself a little while back and will pose to you right now is…How far did you advance yourself this past year? How much more could you have done that would have led to increased skill development, more fulfillment or joy in your life, new doors being open…all of it….How far did you push that needle? 

Get out of your comfort zone and try to make the next year your best year even. You certainly won’t get there by doing the same thing you are doing now. You must broaden your horizons and I think this is one way to do it.

So here’s the challenge.

Pick 12 new skills/challenges/topics you think would be cool or interesting or maybe something you always wanted to learn. If you can’t think of that many then ask your friends and family or post online and ask your larger community to throw out ideas.

Next, write them down and share with the world those 12 you are going to learn.

Finally, each month you need to pick a goal that will be the accomplishment you are trying to achieve by the end of that month. If you don’t pick a goal you can’t conclude if you truly learned anything. Don’t make it too easy but push yourself.

Now, start with the first one on the first day of the next month and do it. Learn by taking classes locally, watching videos online, syncing up with a friend skilled in that craft, whatever. Invest around 20 hours that month and see what you can accomplish. 

I’m starting this endeavor on January 1st, 2020. My first monthly challenge is to not launch one social media app (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter) for the entire month. I’ll document each journey prior to starting and the week after I finish each month. Some other ideas I have are Stretching for 1-hour each day for a month and learning a new language over the course of a month. The list is still getting worked out and look forward to any suggestions!

If you are down to join, let me know and we can hold each other accountable. If not, we’ll catch you for the next one and I’d love to hear what you are trying to do to challenge yourself and push beyond your comfort zone.


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H.O.P.E (Ep.74) – Housing Options for People with Exceptionalities

October 7, 2019

Episode 74 is a special one because it’s really at the intersection of what this podcast is truly about. People going outside of their comfort zone and doing things that matter to them and make them fulfilled as well as doing good in this world and trying to make an impact in a positive way. I had the chance to speak with two of the founding members of H.O.P.E (Housing Options for People with Exceptionalities), Dotty Foley and Orah Raia, and learn about their story and the “Why” behind this great mission.

Contact H.O.P.E:


  • Diane Winans
  • Dotty Foley
  • Ginny Dropkin
  • Orah Raia


Website (launching soon):

H.O.P.E Information

Additional resource for Parents with Exceptional children:

Website: ECAC:


The Vision:

  • HOPE’s vision is to create an inclusive, mixed income community where all individuals, including those with developmental disabilities, can live meaningful and purposeful lives. The vision for this community was born from the belief that where we live matters, that all people should have the choice to live in a community of their choosing, with access to affordable housing.

The Solution:

  • HOPE’s mission, interest and commitment is to serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by addressing the urgent and unmet need for affordable, accessible housing.
  • Creating an inclusive, supportive housing solution for individuals with disabilities must begin at the local level and requires creative strategies that combine public and private financing.
  • HOPE will achieve its mission by intentionally engaging neighbors of all abilities, ages, and incomes to create a supportive community. We are bringing together a diverse coalition of stakeholders, advocates and partners to adapt an innovative, award-winning housing model that’s already being successfully employed in supportive housing developments around the country with different vulnerable populations.


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Eric Fulmer (Ep.73) – VP, Operations & Strategic Growth | Capture Integration

September 30, 2019

Episode 73 features Eric Fulmer, VP of Operations & Strategic Growth at Capture Integration. We talk a lot about visual content, digital photography, and digital asset workflow especially around the large brands in the world and how they manage the large lift that is managing all of that content. Eric has a really cool story and excited for everyone to listen to his journey and some of the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Find Eric Online:


Capture Integration Website:


About Eric:

Eric has been a pioneer in digital photography and digital asset workflow since the early 1990s when he joined Fuji’s fledgling Digital Imaging Division. At Fuji, he worked with major corporations and cultural institutions including The Smithsonian Institution and The Metropolitan Museum of Art as they adopted digital creative workflows. Later, Eric worked with leading photography studios at both Leaf and Phase One, pioneers in high resolution digital capture systems and image processing workflows. He then piloted DAM integrations at major government institutions including the US Air Force, Navy Visual News Service and Defense Intelligence Agency. Most recently, he played multiple roles in a startup SaaS platform vendor providing end-to-end creative production solutions for the world’s largest fashion and retail brands.

Eric has six children ranging in age from adults to toddler twins, which keep him and his wife of 27 years very busy! They also recently moved to a small “farmette” and now have a gaggle of ducks to care for. He is a voracious reader, social media addict, and political junkie during his rare moments of spare time.


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Marshall Mosher (Ep.72) – Founder / CEO, Vestigo

September 23, 2019

Episode 72 features Marshall Mosher, the Founder and CEO of Vestigo, Vestigo builds performance-enhancing experiences that train your team to embrace innovation and navigate change through a mindset of courage.

Some topics include:

  • College life & Caving
  • Meeting his Co-Founder
  • Coming up with the idea for Vestigo
  • Pivot from B2C to B2B
  • Advice for Corporate culture
  • Creating Impactful Experiences
  • Gravity Jet-suits

Find Marshall Online:

Vestigo Website:

“Inside the Adventure” Podcast




About Marshall:

Often, it’s not our goals that foster success; it’s the ability to conquer our innate fear of failure. As a passion-driven, people-focused ENFP, I use my optimistic outlook and love for new challenges to empower others to “do what they can’t” and discover that “impossible” is simply relative to the mindset you choose to live by.

I strive to help people expand that mindset through creating accessible opportunities to embrace new experiences and conquer one’s fear of failure. As a professional action sports enthusiast in whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, snowboarding, scuba diving, and aviation, I use my passion for the outdoors and the world around us to help others discover their potential, challenge their perceived limits, and adopt an empowering lifestyle of focus and fulfillment.

I truly believe in the potential of Responsible Risk-Taking as a catalyst for innovation and seek to scale this mindset through the world’s most innovative companies, empowering their team culture through recurring dynamic shared experiences, designed and implemented via Vestigo. 


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Rick Smith (Ep.71) – CEO & Founder, Axon (Formerly TASER)

September 16, 2019

Episode 71 features Rick Smith, Founder and CEO of Axon (Formerly TASER). Rick talks about his journey of how he came upon the Taser device and grew this business through many twists and turns as well as his mission to make the bullet obsolete with his new book, “The End of Killing”.

Some topics we cover:

  • Impact his father had on his journey to entrepreneurship 
  • Being fascinated with robotics
  • Impact tragedy had on his life
  • Starting a company in his early 20’s
  • Hiring and brining in the right people
  • The company almost closing
  • Performance-based Pay
  • Writing a book

Find Rick Online:


Axon Website:



His new book, “The End of Killing”:

About Rick:

A pioneer of technology with the vision of making the bullet obsolete, Rick founded the original company, TASER International, in 1993. As the TASER device became ubiquitous in law enforcement, Rick pushed the company beyond weapons technology and towards a broader purpose of matching technology to public safety needs in order to make the world a safer place. Under his leadership, the company has grown from a garage in Tucson to a NASDAQ-listed global market leader in conducted energy weapon, body-worn cameras and software. In April 2017, TASER International officially changed its name to Axon Enterprise to better represent the entire network of devices, people and applications. Today, more than 18,000 law enforcement agencies in more than 100 countries are a part of the Axon network.

Rick graduated from Harvard with a B.S. in Neuroscience (Cum Laude) and later earned a Master in International Finance from the University of Leuven in Belgium and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Rick’s mission to obsolete the bullet has been chronicled in The New Yorker as well as ForbesandGQRick’s 2018 op-ed on suggesting a grand challenge to help reduce gun violence in schools was published by CNBC. That same year, Rick was named one of Arizona’s Most Admired Leaders by Phoenix Business Journal and Axon was named one of 2018’s Most Admired Companies by Arizona Business Magazine. Rick rocked the tech industry when he announced a first-of-its-kind employee compensation plan allowing employees to align their pay directly with value creation for shareholders. The eXponential Stock Performance Plan earned media coverage in Bloomberg, GeekWireWorld at Workand more.

Rick is a frequent guest on CNBC’s Mad Money and has also appeared on CBS’ This MorningThe Street and more.

“Many people concerned about gun violence want to alter laws. Rick Smith is focusing on a tech solution.” – Geekwire

“Can the Manufacturer of Tasers Provide the Answer to Police Abuse?” – The New Yorker

“Billion-dollar award made CEO uneasy. Now he’s fixing it.” – Bloomberg

“Rick Smith is known as the ‘Steve Jobs of policing technology’ — and this book reflects his well-deserved reputation. Rick envisions a world free of gun violence. This is a must-read for those who share his bold vision to enhance safety in our communities!” – Kathleen O’Toole, Former Police Chief


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