Marshall Mosher (Ep.72) – Founder / CEO, Vestigo

September 23, 2019

Episode 72 features Marshall Mosher, the Founder and CEO of Vestigo, Vestigo builds performance-enhancing experiences that train your team to embrace innovation and navigate change through a mindset of courage.

Some topics include:

  • College life & Caving
  • Meeting his Co-Founder
  • Coming up with the idea for Vestigo
  • Pivot from B2C to B2B
  • Advice for Corporate culture
  • Creating Impactful Experiences
  • Gravity Jet-suits

Find Marshall Online:

Vestigo Website:

“Inside the Adventure” Podcast




About Marshall:

Often, it’s not our goals that foster success; it’s the ability to conquer our innate fear of failure. As a passion-driven, people-focused ENFP, I use my optimistic outlook and love for new challenges to empower others to “do what they can’t” and discover that “impossible” is simply relative to the mindset you choose to live by.

I strive to help people expand that mindset through creating accessible opportunities to embrace new experiences and conquer one’s fear of failure. As a professional action sports enthusiast in whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, snowboarding, scuba diving, and aviation, I use my passion for the outdoors and the world around us to help others discover their potential, challenge their perceived limits, and adopt an empowering lifestyle of focus and fulfillment.

I truly believe in the potential of Responsible Risk-Taking as a catalyst for innovation and seek to scale this mindset through the world’s most innovative companies, empowering their team culture through recurring dynamic shared experiences, designed and implemented via Vestigo. 


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